Membership in the USCA is open to universities with an existing business-to-business sales center or an interest in establishing a business-to-business sales center. For schools with an existing sales center, the primary benefit of membership is the ability to network and share teaching and research ideas with faculty serving in sales centers throughout the country. For schools interested in establishing a sales center, the USCA is a tremendous resource for guidance and support in terms of navigating the political landscape, funding, establishing advisory boards, coursework, USCA Certification, and so forth.
'' I gain as much or more satisfaction from working with other sales faculty and programs through the USCA as I do from almost any other area of my career.

-Terry Loe, PhD,
Kennesaw State University
As you establish and build your sales center, your efforts are only enhanced by your association with the USCA. USCA membership gives your school credibility among other sales programs and organizations, keeps you up to date with best practices from the top sales centers around the country, and provides your students with the opportunity to earn the Certified Sales Student certification. Corporation sponsors often seek out USCA universities, as well.
Interested schools must have received recognition within its college or university that makes it a distinct entity. Having a center, institute or office designation is a must. The program must also have an outside board that advises the program. The school’s sales program must also pass the strict criteria for USCA certification. This certification process ensures that each school provides best practices in sales education, identical to corporate requirements. There are five areas that are reviewed for certification:
  • Staff
  • Structure
  • Curriculum
  • Affiliation
  • Quality
'' One of the best parts of USCA meetings has been the open sharing that happens in our best practices sessions. I take away something invaluable every time.

-Ellen Pullins, PhD,
University of Toledo
USCA membership is a two-step process. First, interested schools must apply to become an Associate Member, then apply to become a Full Member.
To learn more about becoming a USCA member, visit our Associate Membership and Full Membership criteria pages.
'' It’s a joy to be part of this fast growing, beautifully organized, group of top sales education professionals. It’s like surfing a big wave that’s rapidly rolling to a beautiful shore.
-D. Joel Whalen, PhD
DePaul University