Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, PhD
The USCA President is responsible for providing strategic leadership, leadership in general and, in cooperation with the executive board, direction to the organization and its members. The President must be engaged in assuring the USCA moves consistently forward in fulfilling its mission and goals. The President should coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the officers and communicate to the board and the USCA membership on a regular basis those activities. The President is responsible for representing or arranging for official USCA representation at USCA events and/or to other organizations where appropriate.
James (Jimmy) Peltier, PhD
Vice President
The USCA Vice President’s primary responsibility is to work with and assist the President in completing his/her duties. In addition, the Vice-President will organize and preside over the officer’s meeting held during both the fall and spring general meetings. The Vice-President also serves as the formal USCA representative to the Sales Education Foundation and serves in this capacity as a member of the SEF Board.
Blake Nielson, Ph.D.
Secretary, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
The USCA Treasurer is responsible for billing and collection of annual dues as well as facilitating various payments approved by the membership. In addition, keeping the books in a current status and reporting such to the membership on a periodic basis.
Mary Jacobs & Brian Collins
Marketing and Communications Committee Co-Chairs
The USCA Marketing Communications Committee Chair is responsible for providing leadership to the Committee, which develops all marketing communications materials (web, digital and print) representing the USCA. The Marketing Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the USCA brand and the organization’s design standards. This committee coordinates and manages the USCA website and press relations.
Mark Mantey
Membership Committee Chair
The USCA Membership Chair is responsible for being the point of contact for Universities interested in applying for Associate Membership or transitioning to full membership within the USCA. The chair also leads discussion and efforts at annual meetings regarding any changes to membership criteria. The chair could travel, as needed, to interested Universities to introduce them to sales center concepts and initiatives. 
Richard Rocco, PhD
Academic Resource Committee Chair
The USCA Academic Resource Committee Chair is responsible for leading the Academic Resource Committee in advancing the USCA’s educational mission. The Chairs roles include: Strategic planning and leadership, committee resource and capability assessment, project management, communication coordination, and liaison to other members of the Executive Committee. The Chair may form sub-committees and bring outside resources to enhance and insure the Academic Resource Committee’s effectiveness in advancing the mission.