PHD in Marketing
In today’s dynamic business environment, firms rely heavily on a highly professional sales force to create value and drive revenue by effectively engaging with customers in a consultative fashion. In the wake of stiffer competition and more informed buyers, a superior sales force able to identify and solve customer problems can be a firm’s most important differentiator. This demands better educated and better trained sales personnel. As a result, industry is increasingly looking to universities to supply qualified sales talent in new graduates. An estimated 8 of every 10 marketing majors begin their careers in a sales role and the percentage is high across other business majors as well.

In response, the number of universities offering sales majors, sales minors, sales concentrations, and sales courses has grown dramatically over the last decade and this trend is expected to continue well into the future.

In addition, Sales has taken on an increasingly strategic role within many organizations, giving rise to a need for more research by academic scholars that investigates and provides insight into sales-oriented issues. Sales-related articles regularly appear in top marketing journals, but there is a huge opportunity for more.

What all this means is that there is a very strong demand for Ph.D. level college marketing professors with an interest in teaching and researching in the sales domain. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of marketing professors with expertise in Sales. Simply put, demand currently outstrips supply. The field needs to create a reservoir of talent in this growing area.
So, if you have already begun a marketing doctoral program, consider personal selling and sales management as a focal area of research and teaching. Align yourself with this attractive opportunity. If you currently are working outside academia, give some thought as to whether a Ph.D. and career as a college professor makes sense for you. There is an expanding number of universities offering marketing doctoral programs with faculty members willing and able to mentor students interested in Sales (see list below).

Feel free to reach out to the USCA NextGen committee chair Doug Hughes at or to any of the contacts below for more information.
Alabama                  Dr. Nick Panagopoulos ,  
Arizona                    Dr. Mrinal Ghosh ,
Florida State           Dr. Leff Bonney, lbonney@cob.fsu.ed
Georgia Tech          Drs. Ajay Kohli,;   Goutam Challagalla,
Georgia                    Drs. Sonny Lam,; John Hulland,;  Sundar Bharadwaj,
Harvard                   Drs. Frank Cespedes,; Das Narayandas,; Doug Chung,
Houston                  Drs. Mike Ahearne,; Steve Brown,; James Hess,;  Nilandri Syam,                             
Indiana University Drs. Scott Mackenzie,; Girish Mallapragada,
Kennesaw State     Drs. Brian Rutherford,; Terry Loe, 
Louisiana Tech       Dr. Sean Dwyer, 
Michigan State       Drs. Doug Hughes,; Stephanie Mangus, 
Missouri                  Drs. Srinath Gopalakrishna,; Murali Mantrala,;  Lisa Scheer,                                                     ; Shaoming Zou,
Mississippi              Dr. Doug Vorhies,
Nebraska                Dr. Ravi Sohi,
Oklahoma State     Drs. Karen Flaherty,;   Todd Arnold, 
S. Florida                 Dr. Jill Solomon, 
Texas A&M             Dr. Charles Futrell, 
Texas Arlington     Dr. Fernando Jaramillo,
Texas Tech             Bob McDonald,
North Texas           Dr. Jeff Sager,
Virginia-Darden     Dr. Tom Steenburg,
Washington            Dr. Rob Palmatier,
West Virginia          Dr. Mike Walsh,
Wisconsin-              Dr. Noah Lim,